Meet Our Instructor

Instructor Bio:

Richard Aceves is a movement specialist, specialised in pain relief, post-traumatic stress, and anxiety disorders. He has over 6 years of experience in linking the relationship between muscular pain and past emotional trauma that has stored in the body. For more than 6 years, he has taught movement through courses and seminars in several countries. In his private mentorships, courses and retreats, he brings together a set of movement and breathing techniques so that people can awaken the power that we all possess within. Through this set of techniques and the power of visualisation, he teaches how to turn off stress mechanisms and how to awaken the power to create the personal reality that each person has. As a result of various physical traumas, he explored movement, easter techniques and the nervous system as a way of rehabilitation for both physical and emotional trauma. He then learned several of the techniques that he teaches today in the courses and programs, with which he was healed, and helps thousands of people to transform the pain of the past into learning to create a happy life. Since the beginning of his formation as a movement specialist, he has integrated the mind, the body and the union of the spiritual side of the human.

Richard Aceves

Founder of Moved Academy